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The Most Effective Temporary Roofing Solution

Be In Control

WrapRoof gives you enough time for your claim to be processed, and source multiple bids to find the best roofer.

State of the Art Design

Improve your home's appearance by covering your roof with WrapRoof instead of blue tarps.

1 Year Warranty

WrapRoof will help keep your roof in place and secure your property with a one year leak-free warranty.

Safest Choice

Keep your family safe from the hazards of failing blue tarps and sand bags with our fire-retardant solution.

Protect Your Family

WrapRoof is the inventor of the most effective, and U.S. Patented, shrink wrap roofing solution available. Our product was developed with leading scientists in the shrink film industry specifically for roofs to provide our clients the highest quality of product available.

WrapRoof is heat-shrinked to float slightly above the roof surface, prevents mold, is vented, easily inspected, easily removed, and ensures that no further damage from future roof leaks will occur.

Our Patented Process

Allow us to protect your home from roof leaks without adding holes or sandbags to your roof. Our product floats above the roof surface, ties into your existing ventilation system and is installed with a one year leak-free warranty. Regardless of your roof type, your roof will be leak-free and fully functioning until the permanent roof system is installed.

Fire Resistant

12 mil Fire Resistant membrane is ASTM E84 Class A certified with zero flame spread.

Slip Resistant

25% MORE slip resistant and more elastic than any similar membrane in the market.

Tear Resistant

More tear resistant than any other 12 mil shrink membrane.

UV Protection

24 month UV rating with semi-transparent properties.

Easy to Inspect

Membrane can be cut open for inspectors to examine the roof and reattached with warranty intact.

Secured Roof

Roof remains preserved in its post-loss conditions, fully functional, fully vented, and leak-free for one full year.

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